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What do you do when you injure yourself during a pandemic?

By Natalie Grant, PT

I bought a “Covid-trampoline” to keep my son busy outside during the early days of self-isolation. He was oh-so-careful, following instructions to only jump when the safety door was zipped closed, and yet, still managed to fall off and break his arm. We could see immediately that his arm was broken and displaced (not in the correct alignment) and knew we needed to go to the emergency room for it to be set and immobilized. The staff at Children’s Hospital were fabulous and my son had surgery that night - we came home the next day and have been recovering over the past 3 weeks with no other issues. Now, as it is time for the cast to be removed, he will get to learn first-hand what it is that his mommy does all day!

As we try to keep our kids busy, keep ourselves active and maybe try to get some of those garden or home-improvement projects done, we also put ourselves at risk for injury. If you have had a mishap and think you have injured yourself seriously, please seek the emergency attention you require! Seeing a physiotherapist virtually may also be an important part of your

recovery process. It’s amazing what we can do, even online! From assessing your injury, educating you about what is safe to do and what should be avoided, teaching you self-treatment techniques, how to use crutches and progressing exercise programs. We even stock foam rollers, massage balls and exercise implements that can be purchased at cost with curbside

pick-up from our clinic. We are in this together - and we are here to help!

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