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Manual &
Manipulative Therapy
A hands-on treatment involving the mobilization of joints, muscles and fascia to restore optimal  biomechanics and movement.
CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists are Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT) that have completed post-graduate education and attained internationally recognized qualifications in hands-on therapy. We provide focused treatment based on research-guided techniques that speed up patient recovery while educating them about their condition to reduce the risk of relapse. Read more at https://manippt.org/.
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Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS) and Acupuncture

These are needling techniques that can help release tight muscles, reduce inflammation and pain as well as help normalize nervous system activity
Sport and K-Taping

Taping can help to relieve stress on injured tissues, correct alignment and biomechanics of a joint or muscles.

Exercise Prescription

After assessing your posture and movement, a home exercise program will be provided so that you can maintain and build upon the improvements you make during your treatment session

Pelvic and Post-Partum Health 

The assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor can help with stress or urge incontinence, and pelvic pain, in both pre- and post-natal women.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

The assessment and treatment of the vestibular system to help treat issues with dizziness, vertigo and balance problems

Pelvic and Prostate Health 
The assessment and treatment of pelvic floor and issues related to pelvic pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and post-prostatectomy rehabilitation in men.

Neural Manipulation

Techniques to release tension in the covering of the nervous system (the dura) which can be traumatized during a traumatic collision resulting in compressed nerves. 

Visceral Manipulation

Techniques to release tension in fascia (connective tissue) associated with the viscera (organs) in order to improve function and decrease pain.