Information For New Clients


Initial assessments are required for new injuries and will take an hour, however subsequent visits can be either an hour or half an hour. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Rates

Initial 60-minute assessment and treatment   $100

30 minute subsequent session                       $85   

60 minute subsequent session                       $170 

Pelvic Floor Session (60 minutes)                  $160 

Pelvic Floor Follow-up Session (30 min)        $85    

ICBC User Fee                                               $6      

MSP Premium Assistance User Fee              $50 

For Registered Massage Therapy or Kinesiology rates please contact the clinic.  


Hastings and Kaslo 

Free 1-hour parking in front of the clinic on Hastings, as well as parking along Kaslo and nearby residential streets.

What to Bring...

  • athletic clothing: such as shorts and a T-shirt

  • If you have a claim, please bring your claim number

  • Care Card/ Personal Health Number

  • Doctor's referral

Visit us in person

2817 East Hastings Street

Corner of Hastings and Kaslo


To book and appointment...

Call Us

Hastings & Kaslo and South Hill Locations



Contact us:

Direct Billing


To direct bill your private health insurance plan, you must:

  • fill out all the fields of the online intake form, including:

    1. your policy number, ID/certificate number

    2. your birth date 

    3. primary insurance holder name and birth date 

    4. bring a copy of your private insurance information with you in order for your first appointment to be direct billed.

Your insurance will likely pay a large portion of your appointment, but you will still be required to pay the remainder at the time of your appointment.

You are required to pay for your treatment when you come in for your appointment, however most individual health plans will reimburse you for all or part of your treatment. 

If you have an ICBC claim, please bring:

  1. claim information

  2. doctors referral 

  3. care card / personal health number.

To check your MSP premium assistance eligibility:

Call Health Insurance BC

604 683-7151




Visit us at Hastings & Kaslo 

2817 East Hastings St.

Vancouver, BC V5K 2A1

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