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What is Clinical Pilates and how does it differ from regular Pilates?
Unlike regular Pilates classes, Clinical Pilates does not follow a
predetermined routine. Clinical Pilates exercise programs are 1-on-1
with a trained Physiotherapist or Physiotherapist Support Worker.
Programs are based on the physiotherapist's assessment and the
patient's movement, pain and functional goals. Programs may include a
combination of mat, reformer or Wunda Chair exercises.

Is Clinical Pilates safe during pregnancy?
Yes, because Clinical Pilates is always 1-on-1 with a supervising
physiotherapist, exercises can be modified. Wedges and foam blocks are
used to support the back and pelvis to allow exercise during pregnancy
while avoiding unsuitable movements.

Is Clinical Pilates helpful for ICBC and work place injuries?
Yes! Clinical Pilates can be a helpful active rehabilitation modality
that combines elements of strength, conditioning, and motor control
training. Often insurance providers will support this exercise
modality when offered as part of a physiotherapy treatment plan.

Does Clinical Pilates help with low back pain?
Yes, Clinical Pilates can strengthen the abdominal wall, paraspinals
and pelvic floor muscles that can help support the spine, reduce pain.
In fact, several studies have shown that Pilates can reduce pain and
enhance physical function (Lin et al. 2016) and reduce fear associated
with painful movement known as kinesiophobia (de Freitas et al. 2020).

Meet The Clinical Pilates Team

Taylor Kjartanson

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Physiotherapist Support Worker


Stephanie Fraser 

Registered Physiotherapist

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The daughter of two energetic Physical Health Educators, Stephanie learned from a young age the importance of healthy movement in creating a vibrant life and has since woven this belief into both her work and personal life. 

Stephanie graduated from l’universite d’Ottawa in 2000 with a Bachelors in Physiotherapy, following a degree in Biology and Education from Queen’s University. She has worked in acute care, occupational rehabilitation and injury prevention.  Stephanie is an instructor at Vancouver Community College where she teaches in the Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant Program.  She has completed the Discover Physio Series with Diane Lee and LJ Lee, which focuses on a whole-body integrated model.


Stephanie recently completed her clinical pilates instructor training with Calibrate Pilates and is passionate about actively helping her clients find even greater joy from the things they love – sport, caring for family or just moving with greater ease and grace each day.   

Outside of work, you will find Stephanie hanging out with her three kids, playing tennis, near the water or plotting out her next home renovation or vacation.

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Meredith graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto in 2007, after completing her Bachelor degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa in 2005. 


From a young age, Meredith knew she wanted to be a physiotherapist and work with people. As a kid, she spent a lot of time playing sports and running around outside. After she sustained a fracture to her leg that required physiotherapy - that was it - she knew she had found her passion. 


A commitment to lifelong learning and her love of physiotherapy has led Meredith to pursue further courses to enhance her skills. Meredith enjoys using manual therapy techniques in her treatments and has completed the Intermediate Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Exam. She also has a keen interest in incorporating acupuncture in her treatments and received her certification  from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI).  Meredith also enjoys incorporating  The Integrated Systems Model  (Diane Lee - 2017/18) - which uses a framework for whole body assessment and integrated treatment. Most recently she fell in love with Pilates and pursued further training with the Calibrate Clinical Pilates Education program, which she now uses as part of her rehabilitation paradigm. 


With over 10 years of experience and education, Meredith incorporates all of the skills she has developed to treat the whole person. She believes in finding the right combination of techniques for each individual to help restore their optimal movement and achieve their goals. 


Outside of the clinic you can find Meredith near the ocean, walking trails, golfing, travelling and cheering on the Raptors. 

Taylor is a Physical Therapy Assistant with a diploma from Vancouver Community College. 


Born and raised in the prairies, Taylor's desire for helping others improve quality of life through functional movement patterns, comes from her 20 years of meticulous training as a competitive dancer. Prior to moving to the west coast, she graduated from the University of Manitoba with a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and completed her Canfitpro certification in Personal Training. She is passionate about promoting both strength and control in order to prevent injuries, manage pain and achieve goals with the use of Clinical Pilates.


Outside the clinic, you can find Taylor riding her bike, enjoying the beach, or searching for the best brunch spot in the city!

Meredith Murdoch 

Registered Physiotherapist